What We Offer

Application Assistance

  • 2021 State Licensing Application (includes Civil Rights App for agencies seeking Medicare certification)
  • NPI Enumerator Application
  • 855a & 588 Medicare Enrollment Applications
  • Texas Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application
  • CHOW (Change of Ownership) Applications
  • CLIA Application

Quarterly QA/PI & Monthly QA/PI

Programs Serviced:

  • L&C Home Health & Hospice
  • TJC Home Health & Hospice (Formerly JACHO)
  • CHAP Home Health & Hospice
  • ACHC Home Health & Hospice
  • PHC/Medicaid Home Health
  • Private Pay PAS & LHH
  • CHOW Due Diligence
  • Medicaid Programs including PHC


JCC offers manuals for the following programs:

  • CHAP
  • TJC
  • ACHC
  • L&C
  • Hospice
  • PAS
  • LHH
  • PHC

Manuals may be purchased individually or in a set. JCC offers electronic PDF versions. Depending on the program, an entire set of manuals may include: P&P Manual (Policies and Procedures), Clinical Forms Manual, Miscellaneous Forms Manual, Logs and Surveys Manual, Business Profile, Emergency Preparedness, QA/PI, Mandatory In-Services, Sample Personnel Pack, Sample Admit Pack, General Orientation Manual, Skilled Nursing Orientation Manual, HHA Orientation Manual. FULL PAYMENT IS DUE BEFORE RELEASE OF MANUALS.

As a courtesy, your purchase includes 1 year of manual updates. (Changes in agency name/address/phone or management that requires update of Agency Specific forms and/or policies after initial manuals have been delivered and inspected are not included in initial manual fees and will incur additional fees.)

New Agency Startup

Activities for Agency Start-Up:

  • Assistance with state and federal application for licensure and certification, as appropriate
  • Establish Business Profile which includes:
  • Board of Directors Agenda and Sample Meeting Minutes
  • Organizational Chart
  • Letters of Authority
  • Other required items required by site visitor at survey
  • Management Education: Compliance with CHAP, ACHC, TJC and Medicare regulations, mandatory meeting requirements, operational processes, QAPI/OBQI regulations, mandatory health aide regulations, PPS Training, Adverse Events, Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate rules/form, required contracts, operational processes, education regarding download of OASIS software (HAVEN), obtaining a temporary OASIS ID number submitter number
  • Staff education re: compliance with State and Medicare regulations; proper documentation, OASIS training and forms, admission/discharge procedure, HHABN’s training and forms
  • Establish Quality Assessment/Performance Improvement Program with appropriate manual, Complaint log, Incident forms, Infection Control form, patient satisfaction process/form, adverse event investigations, audit tools, mandatory in-services, annual QAPI plan, etc.
  • Oversight of 10 patient charts for compliance with regulations
  • Education, forms, job descriptions and oversight of personnel files
  • Mock survey, both operations and clinical, prior to final survey (limited to one survey)
  • Availability by phone, as needed
  • Policy updates provided without charge for one year from date of signed contract
  • CHAP Self Study (will not be release until final payment is made)


  • ANCC certified
  • Psychiatric nurse educates your agency to add a Psychiatric program.
  • Integrate Psychiatric OASIS and Assessment tools provided.

On-Site Agency Education 

On-site clinical and/or administrative trends of non-compliance, areas of improvement and future regulation changes.

Remote Coding / OASIS QA 

Our coding department has knowledgeable, experienced, & dependable coders ready to assist your agency! JCC Coders are RN’s & certified in Home health coding (HCS-D) and OASIS (COS-C).

With certified coders, the risk of down coding or denial is reduced. Instead of lost revenue, you can rest assured that your agency’s coding is in compliance with guidelines. You can avoid costly errors while giving your nursing staff the freedom to perform their clinical duties.

There is no minimum number of assessments that must be reviewed so that means that Agencies can choose to get one difficult assessment coded, all assessments coded, or anything in between! We will provide accurate and timely coding and quality assurance auditing services for every

  • OASIS Start of Care,
  • OASIS Resumption of Care, and
  • OASIS Recertification

Plans of Correction (Survey Response) 

  • State Surveys and IRODs
  • CHAP Plan of Correction
  • TJC Evidence of Standard Compliance
  • TJC 10 Day Clarification
  • ACHC Plan of Correction

Annual Agency Evaluations & Annual Documents 

  • Annual Agency Evaluation
  • Annual Board of Directors Minute & Agenda
  • QA/PI Summary
  • Capital Expenditure Plan
  • Regulation Changes Document
  • Disaster Drill

Mock Survey

Review Operations for compliance with

  • Review of Business Profile Manual
  • Mandatory meeting compliance (Board of Directors and PAC Minutes)
  • Current Organizational Chart
  • Current Letters of Authority
  • Contracts
  • Annual Agency Evaluation

Review Clinical Records for compliance with

  • State and Medicare regulations
  • Mandatory yearly in services
  • Mandatory home health aide regulations
  • OASIS timeliness, appropriateness and completeness (Validation report, Adverse event reports, HHA provider reports)
  • Admission Packet
  • Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Program (QAPI), Complaints, Incidents, Infection Control, Patient Satisfaction process/form, Integration of Adverse Event and Case Mix Reports
  • Policy and Procedure Manual review
  • Patient charts, Active and D/C Charts for Compliance with Regulations Personnel files for compliance with regulations Staff education, as needed

ADR, Redetermination, Reconsideration, ALJ Analysis – Palmetto GBA, RAC, MAC and ZPIC

ADR probe cycle is a review of a minimum of 20 and up to 40 episodes, per agency, to determine the agency’s denial rate. The denial rate determines if the agency is released from the probe or has to continue another quarter, this cycle can continue for some time.

From the charts we have reviewed, we estimate only 50% will be paid. The first probe cycle, is a tool to assist agencies moving forward as well as getting paid for the episode under review. If Palmetto GBA denies an episode, and the patient is recertified, when the episode is billed Palmetto will also call for that episode. When they say cycle it’s more like a domino effect, even if they release the agency form the probe, ZPIC will have copies of all results and may trigger Health Integrity for episodes that are deemed as denied.

JCC strongly suggests that you contact us immediately upon receipt of an ADR. This request can obviously affect your agency’s billing right now and in the future. Let JCC assist you in maintaining compliance. Redetermination Analysis Reconsideration Analysis ALJ Analysis

Billing Services

Our expert team of billers have a vast knowledge of Medicare guidelines and experience in a variety of payer sources.

  • Improve your cash flow and billing operations
  • Track claims through the processing phase
  • Post payments to your system
  • Assist with Accounts Receivable and Revenue Recovery
  • Perform Medicare billing audits to remain compliant with federal guidelines
  • Billing Training
  • Due Diligence

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