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JCC is a leading competitor in the Home Health and Hospice Consulting Industry. Our knowledgeable staff can assess your agency’s needs and provide quality assistance with helping your agency meet federal and state standards and regulations. JCC offers everything from monthly and quarterly QA/PI services to application assistance.

QAPI Services

All HCSSA license require a QAPI program. JCC assists agencies in the establishment and maintenance of this requirement. Our consultants are experts in the QAPI regulations that govern this program and will assist agencies in compliance. Our QAPI services can be conducted monthly, quarterly, or a bi-annually.

JCC understands that agencies can range in census size; from just a few patients/clients to thousands, so we have tailored our QAPI services to meet agencies needs no matter the size. Below are a few items that included in our QAPI services:

Patient/client record review
Personnel file review
Required reports
Monday – Friday office support
Plus much more!

Mock Survey

Is your agency within the survey window? Perhaps you are considering the purchase of an agency or you have had a major change in the management positions of your agency. These are just a couple of examples of the reasons agencies choose JCC for mock survey services.

Our expert consultants will assess your agencies for deficiencies and help to eliminate any deficiencies found both quickly and efficiently. JCC ensures each and every consultant is knowledgeable of all licensure and payor source regulations, as well as accreditation body standards. Agencies can rest assured knowing their agency is ready for survey.


Compliant manuals are crucial to the operations of home health, hospice, and home care agencies. We offer full manual packages to ensure that agency operations are compliant. Our full set includes:

Polices & Procedures
Sample Admission Pack
Sample Personnel Pack
Emergency Preparedness
Orientation Manuals
Business Profile

We the above manuals for all HCSSA licensures, a variety of payor sources (Medicare, Medicaid, PHC, etc.) and Texas approved accrediting bodies (ACHC, CHAP, & TJC).

New Agency Start Up

Starting a home health, home care, or hospice agency in Texas can be a confusing process. JCC has many years of experience in assisting people through the startup process. Our teams have helped numerous individuals and companies not only begin the process, but be successful in their endeavor.

JCC can provide start up services for any HCSSA licensure (L&C, LHH, PAS, and Hospice), all Texas approved accrediting bodies (ACHC, CHAP, and TJC), and a variety of payer sources including Medicare, Medicaid, Texas state contract programs, plus much more. Our expert staff will not only make the process easier for you, but we can provide the education and knowledge base needed to ensure that your agency is successful.

Coding & Oasis Review

Medicare certified home health agencies understand the importance of correctly completed OASIS and coding. These have always been important factors to optimal reimbursement; however, with the implementation of the PDGM payment system they are now crucial.

JCC has a team of certified and trained coders and OASIS auditors. We ensure that each OASIS is reviewed from both a clinical and billing standpoint and that it is coded perfectly. Our agencies rest assured knowing that no money is being left on the table. By outsourcing these services to JCC, it allows an unbiased expert to ensure the accuracy of the OASIS and coding sequence.

Billing Services

It is imperative that Medicare certified home health & hospice agencies implement superior billing processes. Most agencies focus heavily on patient care and administrative processes, and miss giving their billing department the attention that it needs. This is where JCC can step in and assist.

JCC’s billing services ensure that the processes and submission will translate into optimal reimbursement. Our billing consultant work the billing process from the beginning by ensuring that everything is in place, correct and ready for submission; all the way to the end by ensuring that the agency received the correct reimbursement.

Plans of Correction

All HCSSA agencies will go through the survey process many times. Unfortunately, for many agencies this is the time that deficiencies will be found. Each deficiency will require a written plan of correction. Survey responses can be a daunting and confusing, but the JCC consulting team specializes in all areas of surveys, responses, and plans of correction.

Our knowledgeable consultants are available to write thorough POC’s that will be accepted by both state and accrediting bodies. The survey process is stressful enough, so let JCC assist you with the final step.

Other Services

JCC is your one stop shop for all of your Texas home health, home care, & hospice consulting needs. If your agency needs additional services not listed here, we can help. JCC also offers on-site educations, ADR’s assistance, plus more! Our knowledgeable and caring staff is just a phone call away.

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